RTEC is a software tool that supports complex event recognition, scalable to large data streams.

Fetch your data

1. Fetch your data

Your data has value. Do you have data such as the AIS messages of a vessel fleet? Do you own data related to financial transactions over time? Then move to step 2!

Embed your knowledge

2. Embed your knowledge

Describe phenomena that are interesting for you or your clients. How would you identify various types of unsafe shipping? How do you identify a fraudulent transaction? How you would discern a domestic argument from a real fight in an airport, based on camera video? Use you experience to model human-friendly rules.

Recognise events in realtime

3. Recognise events in realtime

Our RTEC system performs continuous data monitoring to identify events interesting to you.

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4. Get value out of the data

Get the events recognized by the system as a timeline, with any other info related to the event. And always based on rules you can explain to others.

In which domains can I use RTEC?

If you have streams of data and interesting events that can be detected from those streams, RTEC can help you. Indicative streams of data and corresponding detectable events include:

  • Transaction data (from online shops, credit cards) used to detect fraud, false orders, suspicious interaction.
  • Events recognized from cameras (such as abrupt motion, people running, smoke rising) for detection of possible collision, dangerous driving, crisis detection.
  • Events recognized from other sensors (speed, proximity, acceleration, sound, temperature) to detect traffic congestion.
  • Web and application events (clicks, visits, gestures) for scraping/robot detection, expression of interest on content, detection of complex gestures for gaming.
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