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Our paper “Towards A Simple Event Calculus for Run-Time Reasoning” was accepted at Commonsense-2017


Christos Vlassopoulos and Alexander Artikis


The Event Calculus for Run-Time reasoning (RTEC) is a logic programming implementation of the Event Calculus, designed to compute continuous narrative assimilation queries on data streams. RTEC has been used for complex event recognition in various applications domains, such as maritime monitoring, city transport management and human activity recognition. The construction of the complex event definitions has proven a time-consuming process, since it requires several interactions with domain experts (e.g. transportengineers). To address this issue, we present a simple language for RTEC, with the aim of supporting people who are not familiar with the Event Calculus or (logic) programming. A compiler translates, in a process transparent to the user, a specification in the simple language to an RTEC event description that may be subsequently used for continuous query computation.

Towards A Simple Event Calculus for Run-Time Reasoning