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Complex Event Recognition

RTEC: Event Calculus for Run-Time reasoning. RTEC is an open-source Event Calculus dialect optimised for stream reasoning. A version of RTEC for incremental reasoning may be found here.

oPIEC: Online Probabilistic Interval-based Event Calculus. oPIEC is an implementation of the Event Calculus handling the uncertainty of data streams.

Machine Learning for Complex Event Recognition

OLED: Online Learning of Event Definitions. OLED is an online Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) system for learning logical theories from data streams. Although used for constructing Event Calculus theories, OLED is applicable to any temporal domain.

Complex Event Forecasting

Wayeb: Forecasting with Markov Models. Wayeb is a Complex Event Processing and Forecasting (CEP/F) engine written in Scala. It is based on symbolic automata and Markov models.